Payment Info

Loan Servicing for Borrowers

While the primary ongoing relationship for your loan remains with your originating lender, Land Line Lending Finance handles billing and collecting installment payments, accounting and reporting, as well as handling the collection of the loan if needed.

Land Line Lending Finance is one of a limited number of institutions under contract to service Farmer Mac loans.

We are a leading central servicer with the needed expertise and experience to handle your loan servicing needs.

Online Payments

To make your payment online anytime, simply visit the online payment portal and enter your account information.

Wire Transfer Payments

To make your payment by wire transfer, email a request for wiring instructions to or call Land Line Lending Finance at 800-641-9619, ext. 211.

Overnight Courier Payments

If you’re using an overnight courier to make your payment, please use the following address:

Land Line Lending
500 5th Street
Ames, Iowa 50010

Automatic Payments

To have your loan payment automatically debited from your bank account, simply download the Automatic Payment Application, fill it out and fax it to Land Line Lending Finance at 515-232-3002.