Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum qualifications required for a Land Line Lending loan?

We require a minimum loan value of $100,000, a minimum of 15+ acres, and a minimum of 25% down.

Is PMI and escrow included?

Great news! PMI is not required on land. The buyer is responsible for annual tax and insurance payments.

Can I add someone to my loan after closing or submitting the application?

Yes, but this will prompt additional information. If you add someone to the loan it will prompt a refinance of the loan. If you want to add someone as a co-owner of the property without being liable for the loan, it will be processed as a modification.

When is my interest rate locked?

The interest rate is locked when the loan is approved and the appraisal/title have been completed and are satisfactory for loan requirements.

What supplementary information is required for the application process?


-Full financial statement (personal & business if applicable)

-1-3 years of tax returns (personal & business if applicable)

-Financial account verifications

What is the benefit of getting pre-approved?

Many sellers request pre-approval at the time of offer. Getting pre-approved before beginning your land search can save you time when you find the perfect property. Additionally, the pre-approval process will help you to recognize any notable funding situations you may be unaware of. This can save you valuable time and money once a contract is in place!

What loan fees will I see during the lending process?

-Origination Fee

-Tax & Documentation Service Fee

-Appraisal Fee (loans under $500,000 are eligible for a valuation which leads to a faster turnaround & it’s less expensive)

-Any applicable Abstract or Title Fees

-Any closing fees associated with an attorney or title company