About us

Over 75 years of experience

Our Land Line Lending team has over 75 years of land industry experience.  That experience, along with our industry knowledge and know-how, provides our customers with solutions that are as unique as their needs.

Our team is proud to uphold the values of dependability and stability while working toward innovations that are improving financing options and land mortgage products for the American landowner.

Land Line Lending customers can rest assured that their financing needs will be met by industry professionals who are dedicated to packaging the right loans while providing an exceptional customer experience.

Our Process

What We Do

Land Line Lending is an originator of land loans that’s trusted nationwide. We deliver land mortgage loans to banks and lenders on our customer’s behalf, streamlining the financial process for a stress-free and transparent borrowing experience. It’s that simple!

How You Benefit

When you choose Land Line Lending, you are guaranteed to receive outstanding service along with our variety of competitive land loan products. 

How It Works

Land Line Lending will originate land real-estate mortgage loans for you or your business. By choosing us, you can be secure in knowing that we will be with you, side by side, throughout the whole process.